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Grapefruit body scrub

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Active ingredients:

  • almond kernel oil 
  • vitamin E

The Grapefruit Body Scrub is an excellent complementary product for your skin care routine. This scrub based on grapefruit extract and exfoliating microgranules of almond oil and vitamin E will leave your skin smooth, delicate and fresh. This scrub has many benefits, including the following:

  1. Gentle cleansing: exfoliating microgranules cleanse the skin without irritation or damage;
  2. Moisturising: the scrub saturates the skin with moisture, leaving it soft and supple;
  3. Nourishment: vitamin E and almond oil nourish and soften the skin;
  4. Even skin tone: grapefruit and ginger extract help to even out skin tone, making it fresher and more supple;
  5. Pleasant scent: a fresh citrus scent energises and sets the mood for the day.

How to use?

Apply a small amount of scrub to damp skin with massage movements, pay more attention to the denser areas of the skin, then rinse thoroughly with warm water until it feels comfortable. The procedure can be performed twice or thrice a week.

How does it work?

Grapefruit and ginger extracts help to even out skin tone and give it a fresher look. Almond oil and vitamin E nourish and soften the skin, while exfoliating microgranules help to remove impurities and dead skin cells.

Attention: May be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Warnings: Before use, conduct an allergy test.

  • Склад (INCI):
    sugar, amygdalus dulcis oil (sweet almond oil), vitis vinifera L., triticum vulgare germ oil, polysorbate 80, tocopheryl acetate, citrus citrus grandis, sorbitan caprylate, propanediol, benzoic acid, lithospermum erythrorhizon root CO2 extract.
  • Об `єм:
    250 ml
2 reviews for Grapefruit body scrub
16.05.2023, 22:35
Я вражена цим скрабом! Дуже подобається запах, натуральний, грейпфрутовий, соковитий! Сподобалась консистенція: ідеальне поєднання гранул з маслами. Він дійсно ефективно скрабує шкіру і абсолютно не травмує її, навпаки! Масла додатково зволожують, моя шкіра стала гладенькою одразу після витирання рушником. Після душа я собі відчувала легкий аромат скрабу) чоловіку запах теж сподобався. Дякую! Однозначно буду замовляти ще!
29.03.2023, 18:29
Моя кожа в восторге, хорошо увлажняет и питает, отлично скрабирует, аромат бомба 👌
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