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Foam for washing 150 ml

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The Mak Malvy Cleansing Foam is the perfect product to gently cleanse and moisturise your skin. Thanks to its soft foamy texture, it effectively removes make-up, dirt particles and excess sebum without drying the skin.

Product Benefits:

  • Pore cleansing: The foam deeply cleanses the pores to help get rid of accumulated dirt and excess oil, which helps to improve the overall condition of the skin.
  • Moisturising: Thanks to almond oil and betaine moisturiser, the foam provides intensive hydration to prevent dryness and keep skin soft and supple throughout the day.
  • Regeneration: The fruit AXA acids contained in the foam promote skin regeneration, helping to restore skin structure and natural radiance.
  • Soothing: The presence of Aloe Vera and D-Panthenol in the foam helps to reduce irritation and soften the skin, providing you with comfort and calmness.

How to use:

Apply a small amount of foam to a damp face. Spread evenly over the skin, massaging in. Then rinse off the foam thoroughly with warm water. It is recommended to use the foam twice a day - morning and evening, for best results.

How it works:

Mak Malvy Cleansing Foam works on multiple levels to provide your skin with optimal care. It gently dissolves and removes accumulated make-up, impurities and excess oil, allowing skin to recover and look healthy.

The almond oil contained in the formula has moisturising properties that nourish the skin and prevent dryness. Betaine moisturiser also helps to retain moisture in the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

Fruit AXA acids revitalise the skin by stimulating regeneration processes and evening out skin tone. They help to remove old cells, leaving skin more radiant and fresh.

A complex of soothing ingredients, including Aloe Vera and D-Panthenol, help to reduce irritation, calming the skin and leaving it balanced and healthy.

Thanks to its carefully selected formulation and natural ingredients, Mak Malvy Foaming Cleanser provides your skin with a rejuvenating treatment, leaving it clean, fresh and ready for further care.

  • Склад (INCI):
    aqua, sodium sweetalmondamphoacetate, coco glucoside, sodium babassuamphoacetate, almond oil glycereth-8 esters, hanthan gum, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, gluconolacton, sodium benzonate, triethanolamine, sodium lactate, glycolic acid, sucrose, urea, sodium citrate, malic acid, tartaric acid, betaine, allantoin, polysorbate 80, CO2 aloe barbadensis leaf extract sorbitan caprylate, propanediol, benzoic acid, citrus aurantifolia swingle, сitrus limon
  • Об `єм:
    150 ml
3 reviews for Foam for washing 150 ml
31.01.2023, 17:50
Пенка хорошо очищает и мягко отшелушивает нужные участки кожи. После использования кожа ощущается увлажнённой, нет ощущения стянутости. Также нравится дозатор. Он удобный и делает пену воздушной. Одного нажатия хватает, чтобы нанести на лицо. Я очень довольна!
08.01.2023, 23:11
Вона ідеальна! Вже з першого застосування відчувається велика різниця між пінкою для вмивання від @makmalvy і між корейськими чи іншими засобами для очищення шкіри.
20.12.2022, 23:08
Ой! Вона така класна!! я в захваті. Завдяки дозатору - економна. Дуже гарно очищує шкіру від забруднення, не пересушує її. Шкіра бархатиста. Використовую вранці і вечором. Дуже задоволена. Дякую Мак&Мальви за можливість користуватись засобами без парабенів та ін. хімії
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